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An Anonymous Donor Pays Off the Mortgage of a Mudslide Victim

April 28th, 2015 10:19 AM by Leonard Silvestri

Recently a victim of the Oso, Washington mudslide tragedy received a very big break. Over a year ago Tim Ward lost his wife and his house in the tragic mudslide of March 2014. Since then he’s been trying to rebuild his life with the shadow of an overwhelming mortgage looming above his head.

He knew that he would never be able to reclaim his property, but the 360,000.00 dollar mortgage still had to be paid. That’s when an anonymous good Samaritan decided to step in. The unidentified donor contacted Chase Bank for the details and total amount owed on the loan and proceeded to pay off the debt for Mr. Ward.

The mere chance that Tim Ward was able to survive the devastating natural disaster that took so much from his life is unbelievable. The fact that an anonymous individual would hear his story and be moved to completely pay off his mortgage for him is unexplainable. Many victims of natural disasters are faced with the challenges of rebuilding in the aftermath. Tim’s story is a rare but inspiring glimpse into the lives of those who have survived unforeseen bouts with the forces of nature.

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Posted by Leonard Silvestri on April 28th, 2015 10:19 AM


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