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Financing High-End Luxury Condos

April 10th, 2015 7:57 AM by Leonard Silvestri

With the growing popularity of luxury condos in the real estate market, the opportunity for purchasing a high-end condominium is more attainable than ever before. The luxury condo market is at its height in offerings, and the amenities offered by these first-class development projects are limitless. The cities of Boston and Miami have become two of the leading markets for luxury condo buyers. With a vibrant culture and eclectic sense of community, both cities attract upscale home buyers looking to secure an abode of urban sophistication. Both markets continue to experience growth with emerging new luxury developments and condominium projects.

Luxury Condo Developments

Faena House is the highly sought after the luxury residence tower in the heart of Miami. Beach side living with exclusive features have become valuable for those seeking luxury residences with tropical sunshine. Buyers searching for high-end luxury condos in paradise can find lavish living in Faena House and similar condo developments in the South Florida area.

 Boston offers a different perspective on luxury living and the timelessness of the Millennium Tower Boston development takes the art of luxury to new heights. Rising 685 feet into the downtown skyline offers residents of the tower sweeping views of the city below. True residential luxury can be found in the Penthouses & Grand residences of the exclusive condo building.

Financing the Condo of Your Dreams

With the abundance of available units and the consistent building of new developments finding the perfect luxury condo maybe easy but financing the condo may prove to be slightly more difficult. Financing a condominium in some of the country’s top real estate markets will require significant cash, resilient credit and established financial means. High-end luxury condo buyers are required to meet stringent lender standards and secure a high down payment due to the extremely high loan amount. Lenders take on more risks when financing high-end real estate. Our loan officers can help you cut through the red tape and help you finance the high-end luxury condo of your dreams. Contact our loan specialists today.
Posted by Leonard Silvestri on April 10th, 2015 7:57 AM


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