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While everyone else in The States is beginning home prep work to hibernate indoors, South Florida residents are getting ready to spend more time in the open air. Because come fall and winter, Florida's humidity drops and air cools to reveal nothing but perfect weather. Upgrade your home's outdoor space this fall and get ready to lounge in Florida's beautiful open air.

Home Upgrade Tips From The Boca Raton Mortgage Brokers

Outdoor Kitchen

Take Sunday barbecues a step further. Not only does adding an outdoor kitchen add value to your home, but also creates a shaded outdoor space for you to dine, lounge and entertain guests. For a little inspiration to get you started on your own design, check out these 30 Fascinating Outdoor Kitchens from Just Imagine.

Create a Water Garden

Florida is covered in water. Why not add one more pond, but this time in your own backyard. Water Gardens are surprisingly easy to create with the right tools and a completely free weekend. Purchase a Pond Kit complete with everything you need to make the water feature of your dreams. Maybe one of these Water Ponds from Architecture and Design will peak your interest.

Illuminate With Outdoor Lighting

A little outdoor lighting goes a long way to illuminate your world. Use lighting to highlight your favorite parts of your outdoor living space. Whether it's illuminating a tall palm tree or creating a resort-like feel, outdoor lighting can completely transform your backyard's atmosphere to create stunning effects.

Size Doesn't Matter

Have a small patio or backyard? Make the most of it. A small outdoor space means you can afford to splurge more on details to make your patio larger than life. Play with unique textiles, tiles, angles and furnishings to give your pint-sized outdoor space a big personality. Click over to the Huffington Post for 16 ways to get more from your small backyard.

Posted by Leonard Silvestri on September 28th, 2015 12:38 PM

If you imagine spending your later years in a sun-filled paradise, then opting to retire in South Florida should be the number one choice on your list. Imagine a land flowing with warm beaches, tropical waters, affordable luxuries and all the amenities of home - and then some. There's more than one reason this coastal state has been drawing retirees for decades.

1. You'll Never Be Bored

There's is never a shortage of things to do in South Florida. Sporting games, concerts, restaurants, bars, museums, parks and more will keep you busy exploring all it has to offer. And for those days where you want to keep it relaxed but still get outdoors there's always a day at the beach.

2. It's Summer All Year Round

You've seen your fair share of seasons and shoveled your way through mountains worth of snow. Trade in snow days for sunny days in a state that averages 246 sun-drenched days a year.

3. Cut Your Taxes

Yes, you heard that right. Florida has no state income tax, no inheritance tax and no estate tax. Need we say more?

4. Friends and Family Will Come To You

Especially during those winter months. Don't fret about never seeing loved ones again. You'll have more trouble getting them to leave than convincing them to visit.

5. A Cost of Living For Everyone

South Florida is one of the most diverse economies in the United States with a lifestyle to meet every budget. The housing market highly differs based on location, amenities and other factors. And in this corner of Florida, it's possible to live like a king even when you're carefully counting your gold.

6. Live on Vacation

Florida is one of the world's biggest vacation destinations. Lucky you, you get to live in it. Book an oceanview suite in nearby Miami for a little staycation or travel to the west coast to take in some stunning sunsets. And did we mention we have Disney World?

7. A Travel Hub

Whether you want to visit friends in your hometown for a week or whisk away to Paris, South Florida is a traveler's dream with direct flights all over the globe from Miami International Airport, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and the Palm Beach International Airport.

8. Growing Art Community

The art community in South Florida is booming! The last Saturday of every month brings artists, designers and cultural enthusiasts out in force at the FAT Village Art Walk. Or visit the Norton Museum in West Palm Beach for paintings by Picasso and other great artists. Then every year at the beginning of December, celebrities all pour into Miami for world famous Art Basal.

9. Health Care Options

South Florida offers residents a plethora of health care options to meet any and all needs. Florida Blue offers plans for individuals, families, group and medicare to keep you happy and healthy.

10. The South Florida Community

The people of South Florida are a true community rich in culture and diversity. Friends are easy to come by in this state where a large number of its residents fall in the active 55+ range. It's a melting pot of people from all other 49 states and many other countries. A sense of social community is fostered through activities, groups and meetups that cater to every creed and interest. Trust us - you'll have more to do and more friends than you'll know what to do with!

Posted by Leonard Silvestri on June 16th, 2015 10:09 AM

With the growing popularity of luxury condos in the real estate market, the opportunity for purchasing a high-end condominium is more attainable than ever before. The luxury condo market is at its height in offerings, and the amenities offered by these first-class development projects are limitless. The cities of Boston and Miami have become two of the leading markets for luxury condo buyers. With a vibrant culture and eclectic sense of community, both cities attract upscale home buyers looking to secure an abode of urban sophistication. Both markets continue to experience growth with emerging new luxury developments and condominium projects.

Luxury Condo Developments

Faena House is the highly sought after the luxury residence tower in the heart of Miami. Beach side living with exclusive features have become valuable for those seeking luxury residences with tropical sunshine. Buyers searching for high-end luxury condos in paradise can find lavish living in Faena House and similar condo developments in the South Florida area.

 Boston offers a different perspective on luxury living and the timelessness of the Millennium Tower Boston development takes the art of luxury to new heights. Rising 685 feet into the downtown skyline offers residents of the tower sweeping views of the city below. True residential luxury can be found in the Penthouses & Grand residences of the exclusive condo building.

Financing the Condo of Your Dreams

With the abundance of available units and the consistent building of new developments finding the perfect luxury condo maybe easy but financing the condo may prove to be slightly more difficult. Financing a condominium in some of the country’s top real estate markets will require significant cash, resilient credit and established financial means. High-end luxury condo buyers are required to meet stringent lender standards and secure a high down payment due to the extremely high loan amount. Lenders take on more risks when financing high-end real estate. Our loan officers can help you cut through the red tape and help you finance the high-end luxury condo of your dreams. Contact our loan specialists today.
Posted by Leonard Silvestri on April 10th, 2015 7:57 AM


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