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Whether it is about buying a home or refinancing your mortgage, you can count on us at Alternative Mortgage Group as we can help you find a loan program that fits your conditions. Having spent 25 years in delivering commercial and home mortgage in Davie, we have become an experienced and best reviewed mortgage expert.

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Being a qualified and seasoned mortgage broker in Davie, we understand your mortgage requirements and simplify the loan-approval process. Our extensive network of qualified lenders is the testimony of our more than two decades of experience in processing loans. With personal attention to your specifications and estimations, we ensure that you get the loan that you need right on time.

Our Range Of Loan Products

We understand your commitments, be it of purchasing a house, cashing out home equity or refinancing a mortgage; we assist you while you prepare your loan application. Because of our extensive know-how in processing loans and managing extremely credit-challenged borrowers, we stand apart in this niche.

At Alternative Mortgage Group, your both residential and commercial loans are handled. We deliver great rates for FHA loans, VA loans, Jumbo loans, conventional loans, Purchases loans, Foreign National Loans, USDA loans, refinances loans, private investor’s loans or hard-equity loans. Our team of mortgage loan experts welcomes the prospect to serve your refinance or next property purchase in the most convenient and satisfactory manner.

Why choose us?

Detail Orientation

Once you approach us, our team of experts will go over your loan details. More than often, we find that our clients get to know more about their mortgage processing details while they work with us for renewal or refinancing a mortgage. We let our clients know their options and keep it confidential throughout the time.

Fastest Turnaround

When you are dealing with a bank, the approval process is meant to run for at least two weeks. However, we get back to you quickly within 1 to 2 business days with a loan program that suits you the best; we deliver same-day response to your queries. Loan approval becomes more complex for entities or individuals with poor credit scores. We help you with FHA loans even with poorer credit scores. With score 580 or better, you can get an instant approval with 3.5% down payment.

Great Results

We assist our clients to get a mortgage loan they are comfortable repaying. We provide them the right strategies to pay lesser interest rates, own a home within a short span of time and pay off the mortgage quickly.
Hence, whether you are self-employed, AAA ranked or credit-challenged, we offer you a perfect combination of loan program that are available at the best rates and delivered to you quickly. 

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