A reliable mortgage broker demystifies Plantation’s complex loan processes

At Alternative Mortgage Group, we bring commercial and residential loans at rates that are better than what other banks offer. Because of our flexibility and professionalism, we have let several investors find a loan program that suits their needs. And this commitment to serving different borrowers has helped us become a leading mortgage broker in Plantation, Florida.

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Our expertise and experience let us manage even the most demanding mortgage requirements easily. We have 25 years’ experience in serving commercial and home mortgage in Plantation, FL. This deep know-how has always helped us make sense of the complex loan sector of Plantation and other Floridian cities.

We have the experience in loan origination and underwriting, and that is how we ensure that you are getting a mortgage at the best interest rates and the lowest closing cost. So whether you are a normal investor or a credit-challenged one, we have the ability to serve you the best loan programs.

A team of loan officers delivering the best results

We always consult our loan officers, lenders, and underwriters to build a road map for making your loan application approved. Thanks to our expertise, we have different loan programs for even those borrowers who have their credit score touching 500. (Banks, however, only accept those borrowers who have a decent credit score that hovers between 620 and 640.)

So even if you are a credit-challenged, bank-rejected borrower, we will have some custom loan programs that will be designed to meet your needs. Our good reputation has helped us build a powerful network of lenders who are located across different cities of Florida. This reputation has let us serve VA loans, FHA loans, refinance loans, hard-money loans, purchases loans, and jumbo loans to different Plantation borrowers.

Further, we can even process a loan worth $345,000 for investors that need quick, thick cash flows. We are adept at delivering conventional loans to customers at just 1% down payment. Apart from the traditional US investor, we even provide loans to foreigners based on their ITINs.

What sets us apart from other mortgage brokers in Plantation?

• We offer personalized services throughout the week; you can approach us to get investment advice 24/7.
• Our lenders and loan specialists work together to simplify the loan process for every investor.
• We even offer loan programs suiting the needs of credit-challenged borrowers.
• Each of our loan programs—whether it is commercial or home mortgage in Plantation, FL—complies with the ever-changing federal rules and government regulations.

So if you have a need to get a loan, we have the resources and expertise to get you connected with leading lenders in Plantation and nearby regions. Connect with one of our loan specialists and discuss your needs right away.

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