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Working at Alternative Mortgage Group, we are a team of experienced loan officers who have handled the most demanding mortgage needs of American and non-American borrowers. Because of our expertise, we have risen as a trusted mortgage broker in Palm Beach and nearby areas. Whether it is a residential loan requirement or a commercial one, we can arrange a solution as per your needs easily and quickly.

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Borrowers from different parts of the world trust our 25 years of experience in understanding the complex loan market of Palm Beach. We have deep domain expertise in loan origination and underwriting to ensure that borrowers get the lowest interest rates every time they are working with us.

Furthermore, we have what it takes to manage the loan requirements of even a credit-challenged borrower. So no matter which mortgage loan in Palm Beach you are searching, we will understand your needs and will work toward fulfilling them in the shortest time frame.

A group of loan experts you can trust

Our rich experience has always helped us deliver the best loans available as per your requirement. For this, our team has formed relationships with a number of credible Floridian lenders. These tie-ups have even let us serve those borrowers who do not have a good credit score.

The deep domain expertise, which we have built, has enabled us to serve a number of borrowers who want to invest in the Palm Beach real estate. We serve a number of financial instruments such as VA loans, FHA loans, refinance loans, jumbo loans, hard-money loans, and purchase loans. Plus, we can easily process a loan worth $345,000 for investors who look forward to building a quick cash flow.
We serve different conventional loans to borrowers at a down payment of just 1%. Apart from this, we offer loans to a number of foreigners who want to speculate in the US real estate. We give loan solutions to non–US citizens on the basis of their ITINs. As a dependable mortgage broker of Palm Beach, we can easily get your loan application approved even if you face credit problems such as bankruptcy and charge-offs.
Being a credible mortgage broker in Palm Beach

• We can assist you with your loan requirements 24/7.
• We have built an expansive network of lenders who have helped us in finding the right loan solutions for a number of borrowers.
• We give our clients the best online tools that help them find the right loan solutions.
• Our loan solutions comply with strict federal rules.

So what are you waiting for? Connect with one of our loan specialists and find which loan program suits well your requirements.

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