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Alternative Mortgage Group, the accredited mortgage brokers, has been operating in the industry since a long time now. We have expertise in providing the residential and commercial mortgages. Over these years, we have witnessed many first-time home buyers as well as real estate tycoons facing challenges when it comes to finding a suitable lender; and this is because the market is quite fluid.

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At Parkland, we help you navigate through all your major financial decisions and get you a mortgage loan program that is just the right one for your situation. Using our accredited loan brokerage, you can weigh all the available choices and settle with the one that best meets you requirement. Our thorough savoir-faire in loan-processing can help you get a loan in a shorter turnaround time.

Advantages of Associating with Us

We have worked with various real estate firms as well as first-time buyers over a span of 25 years. Our mortgage loan in Parkland service speaks volumes about our expertise. We help your realize your dreams by facilitating the most credible mortgage options for you.

Here is a quick drop-down of the benefits of choosing us:

• All the negotiations and paperwork are done at our end
• We provide servicing for extended hours
• We work independently and source mortgages from multiple lenders
• Immense industry knowledge with broader view of mortgage landscape
• 24/7 accessible to our borrowers
• We meet clients at night and on weekends as well
• Loan approval within a shorter turnaround time
• A wide range of loan products are available. These include: FHA loans, home loan, VA loans, Foreign Nationals loan, Hard Money loans, Jumbo loans, Purchases loan and Refinancing loan.
• We attend every closing

When it comes to refinancing a mortgage or buying a home, it’s always imperative to proceed with an accredited mortgage broker Parkland, instead of choosing a lender yourself. We pride ourselves on acquiring better rates in simplifying the loan-process and getting quick approval. Our cordial relationship with clients and lenders has contributed much to our sustainability and accountability in this area of work.

When you deal with a typical bank, you spend lot of time and money. While it takes several weeks to month for a mortgage loan approval in conventional way, we have a proud record of shorter loan approval turnaround time. Offering you our very personalized service, we make sure that you get a loan program with lower interest rate that fits your priorities. We work closely with lenders and underwriters to get your loan approved and offer full support to the credit-challenged businesses and individuals.

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