Here is a mortgage broker streamlining loan acquisition in Wellington

Be it a residential loan or a commercial mortgage, at Alternative Mortgage Group, we can handle even the most difficult mortgage requirements. Our 25-year experience has simplified the volatile loan market of Wellington, Florida, for a number of Americans and non-Americans.

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Being a reliable mortgage broker in Wellington, we have the low-down on the ways through which a loan is originated and underwritten. Because we know the residential and commercial lending landscapes inside out, we can shop and get the lowest rates for your mortgage.

Thanks to our deep loan-processing know-how, we make sure that even credit-challenged borrowers find the best loan programs for themselves. Put simply, we always find a credible mortgage solution based on your needs. So the next time you plan to buy a rental real estate or a generic mortgage loan in Wellington, remember to contact our qualified loan specialists.

Specialists processing the loans that are suitable for you

Our team of highly experienced loan officers has established relationships with reliable lenders in Florida. These associations, further, help us process a number of private investor loans within a short turnaround. Other than private loans, we even process VA loans, FHA loans, jumbo loans, hard-money loans, refinance loans, and purchase loans. We can process a loan worth $345,000 for all those who want to build a thick cash flow in no time.

Nevertheless, if borrowers search for conventional loan programs, then our loan officers bring such solutions at just 1% down payment. Also, we give foreign national loans to non-Americans who are planning to invest in the US real estate. Plus, foreigners may get a loan program with us based on their ITINs.
We even deliver apt loan solutions to those investors who are facing credit problems, such as charge-offs, bankruptcy, and judgments. Further, the loan officers, here, have rich experience and the best expertise to solve any issues that may come while closing a loan.

What makes us a reliable mortgage broker in Wellington?

• We manage a client’s mortgage requirements 24/7.
• We have the best online mortgage tools that let investors find the right loan solutions easily and quickly.
• Our every loan program complies with the most rigorous federal regulations.

Now if you have challenging loan requirements, you should find a reliable mortgage broker who not only understands your needs but also enables you to fulfill them. Get in touch with our loan officers today to discuss your opportunity.

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