A Weston mortgage broker offering unique loan programs

We are a team of dedicated loan officers working at Alternative Mortgage Group—a licensed mortgage brokerage firm in Weston, Florida. We have what it takes to process both residential and commercial loan programs at a fee that is lesser than what is charged by banks.

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Our sheer professionalism has let a number of Floridian investors find loan programs that fit their unique requirements. This professionalism along with our flexibility to serve different investors has made us a credible mortgage broker in Weston. We count on our expertise to simplify the ever-evolving loan sector of Florida.

The loan specialists, working with us, have the experience of 25 years in offering the best commercial and home mortgages in Weston and nearby areas. We have the experience in developing custom loan programs and underwriting, and our financial knowledge has helped us shop for the best interest rates for your mortgage loan.
Trust loan specialists who make loan programs just for you

Get your loan application approved with the help of our qualified loan officers, underwriters, and lenders. The team, here, has transparent processes that let us develop the best loan programs for borrowers having a low credit score of 500. Our specialists have the experience of getting the loan application of credit-challenged investors approved easily and quickly.

Thanks to our good reputation, we have created an extensive network of lenders who deliver loans at the most competitive rates. Because of this reputation only, we have successfully served FHA loans, VA loans, hard-money loans, refinance loans, purchases loans, and jumbo loans to a variety of borrowers in Weston.

We can process loans worth $345,000 for all those investors looking to build a quick cash flow. Borrowers may even get conventional loans at a down payment of just 1%. In addition to the conventional US buyer, we meet the loan requirements of foreigners through our foreign national loan programs.
How have we earned client respect as a mortgage broker in Weston?

• We serve seven days a week; we are available 24/7, so you may approach us with your loan requirements anytime.
• Thanks to our lenders, we make sure that you get the loan program that fits your bill.
• We have deep domain expertise in managing credit-challenged borrowers.
• Our loan programs comply with the always-evolving federal landscape.

Now, if you are looking forward to securing a loan, get in touch with one of our loan experts. Our loan officers will guide you to close a loan at the lowest rates.

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